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BogusHTML Script Settings & Options

BogusHTML contains many settings allowing you to customize your HTML page output created by the generator. Below you will find extensive information for each setting in the order they are found in the t-2html.tcl. As always BogusHTML is designed to work out of the box. The only setting that should be changed is your Network name. All other settings are optional.

All Settings
1. Choosing to Enable or Disable the BogusHTML Page Generator
This setting allows you to set the page generator on or off.

Turn this page maker on or off

Make HTML pages ?? 0=no | 1=yes
set thtm(html) "1"
2. Set the HTML Page Output Directory
This setting should not need to be changed. If you do need to change it remember the path is important.

Set the directory where the updated html pages go

Route from the eggdrop exe folder
set thtm(output) "../public_html"
3. Set Your IRC Network
This setting is used by the generator calling a variable replacement for "YourNetwork" which will head your Index Stat Page.

Set the IRC Network

IRC Network the bot is running on
set thtm(network) "YourNetwork"
4. Make Updated Index Page
It is recommended this setting stay enabled. This allows the generator to update the Index page with new smartlinks are they are created. You may use the second setting if your web provider requires a filename other then index, such as home. Please note this setting requires the template file index.html.

Make an HTML Index page, with links to all the other stats pages ??

Make an updated Index page ?? 0=no | 1=yes
set thtm(shoin) "1"

Name the output Index page this ("" = index.html)
set thtm(index) ""
5. Active Page Settings
These settings represent the recent top players for today, this week, this month, & ever. If you are manually uploading these pages to a web server, set this to make an updated top players ever page once or twice a day. Please note these settings require the template files active.html & active.html.

update active page stats this often. Note pages are only made if stats change
1= make active pages once a day at midnight
2= make active pages twice a day at noon & midnight
3+ = make updated active pages every "x" minutes, any number 3 or more
set thtm(activ) "3"

Show a top players ever page ?? (0=no ever.html page)
Number of players to show for top players ever
set thtm(shoev) "50"

Show a top players this month page ?? (0=no tmonth.html page)
Number of players to show for top players this month
set thtm(shotmo) "50"

Show a top players this week page ?? (0=no tweek.html page)
Number of players to show for top players this week
set thtm(shotwe) "50"

Show a top players today page ?? (0=no today.html page)
Number of players to show for top players today
set thtm(shotda) "50"
Note: All today stats disabled if thtm(activ) above is set to "1" or "2"
6. History Page Settings
These settings represent the stats for the last 7 days, last 4 weeks and last 4 months. These pages are updated just after midnight daily as required. Please note these settings require the template file history.html.

Show a top players monthly history page ?? (0=no month.html page)
Show monthly history page ?? (0=no | 1+ = number of months to show)
set thtm(shomo) "4"

Number of players to show for each month
set thtm(musrs) "30"

Show a top players weekly history page ?? (0=no week.html page)
Show weekly history page ?? (0=no | 1+ = number of weeks to show)
set thtm(showe) "4"

Number of players to show for each week
set thtm(wusrs) "30"

Show a top players daily history page ?? (0=no day.html page)
Show daily history page ?? (0=no | 1+ = number of days to show)
thtm(shoda) "7"

Number of players to show for each day
set thtm(dusrs) "30"
7. Extended History Page Settings
This setting represents the stats for any number of past days, weeks and months. Options allow you to make a more complete stats pages, Can keep and link any number of extended history pages. Please note these settings require the template file xhistory.html.

Example: thtm(xda) "30" will keep 30 daily history pages
Example: thtm(xwe) "52 50" will keep 52 weekly pages, each with 50 players
Example: thtm(xmo) "12 *" will keep 12 monthly pages, and show all players

Show extended daily history pages ?? (0=no extended daily pages)
set thtm(xda) "30 *"

Show extended weekly history pages ?? (0=no extended weekly pages)
set thtm(xwe) "52 *"

show extended monthly history pages ?? (0=no extended monthly pages)
set thtm(xmo) "12 *"
8. Advanced Options for Table Stats Display
These settings represent Advanced Settings for all stats on all tables generated by the script. Choose to show players with points above a certain amount, as well as how many players to show when showing all statistics. The last 2 settings deal with customizing the table header and applying css styles. These settings don't need to be changed unless you have created your own templates.

Minimum points to show in all stats # 0=all with any points # 1+= all with x+ points
set thtm(shomin) "0"

Maximum number of players to show on any 'show all players' stats (above 10)
set thtm(shomax) "200"

Apply classes to the column heads tags ??
Will use the classes: th1 th2 th3 etc.
0 = no 1 or more = number of col heads to assign classes to
set thtm(stych) "5"

Apply classes to the stats data tags ??
will use the classes: td1 td2 td3 etc.
set thtm(stytd) "1"

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