BogusHTML Using Themes

BogusHTML Templates

BogusHTML includes 5 Custom Theme Templates. The templates use standard HTML as well as variable replacements for a custom presentation. These templates are used by the generator to create the HTML page output for your game play statistics. HTML output is determined by your settings in the t-2.html.tcl. The variable substitutions include by default, your channel name, your trivia bot's nick, the amount of questions in your database and the date-time of the last generated player statistics. Combined with the options in the t-2html.tcl and the included theme templates you are able to track and display any statistics you choose. Includes an Index launch page with smartlinks to all other stats you choose to display, such as active stats, lifetime stats, history and extended history stats. Cascading Style Sheets are used to create each colored theme.

BogusHTML CSS Files

Cascading Styles Sheets are included matching each theme available in the BogusTrivia game script. You will find them in a zipped folder in the BogusHTML release. Each folder contains a default CSS file corresponding to the theme you choose in the t-2.settings.tcl in BogusTrivia enabling you to create generated HTML stat pages to match your trivia game play.

Installing a New Theme During Setup

Upload the desired theme's default.css file to the scripts directory when you upload the rest of the files. This ensures your pages are made with the theme of your choice from the beginning.

Changing Your Theme

Upload the desired default.css file to your public_html directory.
Message your bot using the /msg command and use the .make command.
If you have extended history files also use the /msg command and use the .makex command.
This will update all your web pages to the new desired theme.

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