Using Eggdrop Scripts

Using Scripts for Eggdrop

TCL Scripts are written to enhance your Eggdrop bot. There are 100's of TCL scripts available for download. Whether to provide entertainment to your channel, like my script; BogusTrivia, or to perform specific duties like channel protection, limits, modes and more, they must be properly installed and setup. This tutorial will provide examples and the do's and don't's of TCL scripts on a single Eggdrop.

Obtaining Eggdrop TCL Scripts

On this site I offer TCL scripts I have written myself. My most popular script to date is BogusTrivia. You will find links to download all of my scripts throughout this site. If your looking for more TCL scripts for your Eggdrop, visit Slennox's Eggdrop Page.

TCL Script Configuration

Very few TCL scripts work out of the box. Almost all will require some small changes to work for your network or channel. Most scripts will come with a readme and some will include inline examples right in the script for convenience. Also note all scripts do not work with all versions of Eggdrop. Be sure to read all the included documentation prior to using the script.

Loading TCL Scripts

After editing the TCL script you must call it in your Eggdrop Config. Open your Eggdrop Config and edit using the example below. I have highlighted the script call using BogusTrivia's t-2.tcl as an example.
Note: Eggdrop already loads a few scripts by default. Some scripts may require loading before any others. The scripts documentation will advise you if this is the case.


# This is a good place to load scripts to use with your bot.
# This line loads script.tcl from the scripts directory inside your Eggdrop's
# directory. All scripts should be put there, although you can place them where
# you like as long as you can supply a fully qualified path to them.
# source scripts/script.tcl
source scripts/alltools.tcl
source scripts/action.fix.tcl
# Use this script for Tcl and Eggdrop backwards compatibility.
# NOTE: This can also cause problems with some newer scripts.
#source scripts/compat.tcl
# This script provides many useful informational functions, like setting
# users' URLs, e-mail address, ICQ numbers, etc. You can modify it to add
# extra entries.
source scripts/userinfo.tcl
source scripts/t-2.tcl

After completing the above steps, upload your bot's config file. Upload the script and all relevant files with the script to your bots script directory. Rehash or Restart your bot as needed.
Note some scripts will require a complete restart of your bot.

Important Notes

It is possible to run multiple TCL scripts in Eggdrop, however scripts that contain timers such as BogusTrivia can and will cause errors with other scripts. This is a trial and error process as its impossible to document the many combinations of scripts that may not work well together. It is recommended that BogusTrivia be run alone without other scripts.