Windrop Installation

Installing Windrop

This tutorial will walk you through the installation and setup of Windrop on your computer. You will need a a basic knowledge of the Windows Command Prompt and a good text editor. Links are included to freeware programs throughout this site.
NOTE: While notepad is acceptable to edit the Windrop config it is recommended you use an editor that supports scripts.

Installing Your Windrop Bot
  1. Download Windrop1.6.18.exe to your computer from the link provided.
  2. Double Click the eggdrop.exe to extract the Windrop files.
    It is recommended you install Windrop to a Root drive. e.i. C:\Windrop
  3. Open the Windrop.conf and edit carefully.
  4. Open a Command Prompt and navigate to the bots directory. i.e cd c:\windrop
  5. Type eggdrop -m config file eggdrop.conf.
    The -m switch starts your bot in user file creation mode and is no longer necessary after initial installation.
Please Note: If you receive an error message related to cygwin be sure you have the latest version installed for your operating system.

Taking Control of Your Windrop Bot

After your bot has joined the channel you've set in your configuration file, you must message it and become Owner. This allows the bot to recognize you and allow you DCC chat access.

  1. If using your mIRC client type /msg botnick hello
  2. If using your telnet client type NEW
  3. You new bot will welcome you with, Hi i'm botnick, you are now the Owner of this bot. Next time you won't need to start in -m. Set a password.
  4. Follow the prompts to set a password with your bot. The bot will tell you the password is accepted.
    The syntax is /msg botnick pass yourchosenpassword.
  5. DCC Chat your bot to be sure it has accepted your password.
  6. In DCC Chat type .die, this will kill the bot.
  7. Return to your Command Prompt and restart your bot normally using eggdrop eggdrop.conf
  8. When your bot returns to the channel, attempt another DCC Chat. If the bot doesn't respond it may not have remembered your password. Use the command above to again set your password.

Important Notes

  1. Make sure all file extensions are being shown in Windows Explorer.
  2. Do NOT use any \ / : * ? " < > | characters in naming of the userfile, chanfile, nick and notefile settings of the eggdrop config file.
  3. If your unsure of how to edit the eggdrop.conf see the Example Conf for help.