XDCC Server Pro

New Release Version 2.04.2

The Ultimate XDCC Server Script For Eggdrop and Windrop

XDCC Server Pro is a single list multi channel server script with advanced options offering much more then most XDCC server scripts. The list of available options below only skim the surface of the scripts capabilities. XDCC Server Pro should exceed most users requirements. Please review the FAQ pages for full information on all options and settings available.

XDCC Server Pro was my first TCL script. Begun in August of 2004, it was released as a final version in March of 2007. However I have had a few requests that I believe are worth while additions to XDCC Server Pro and have released version 2.04. Below are the highlights of the new options added in this release. View the included readme packaged with XDCC Server Pro for complete information and examples of command use.

XDCC Server Pro New Features

New In This Release 03-09
  1. Tcl Setting Change:
    Default Path to Packs: xpro(defpath)
    Can now take any number of directory paths
  2. New Advanced Tcl Options:
    Automatic File Checking:
    Auto-Add New Files to the Xdcc Packs List
    Auto-Delete Missing Files from the Xdcc Packs List
  3. Command .apack -all can now also remove any missing packs
  4. Script now makes any missing directories in default path

XDCC Server Pro has been written in TCL 8.4 and has been tested with Eggdrop and Windrop 1.6.15 and above. XDCC Server Pro will no longer work with TCL versions older than v8.4. If your shell uses a TCL version older the 8.4 you may still use XDCC Server Pro 2.03 available in the archive section of this site or request a TCL upgrade from your Shell Provider.

I am always working on additional options for a later release. As always all suggestions for new features are welcome. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.

XDCC Server Pro Features
  1. Server Administered Thru DCC Chat
  2. Single List Multi Channel Server Script
  3. File Server with Unlimited Packs Capability
  4. 5 Color Themes & 1 Colorless
  5. Custom Color Settings
  6. Custom Ads or List Trigger Only
  7. Custom !list Trigger
  8. Custom Replies
  9. Flood Control
  10. Slot & Que Control
  11. Sends Killed for Nick Gone
  12. User Must be on Channel
  13. Ban Users From the Server
  14. Tracks Download Stats Only on Completed Transfers (accurate totals)
  15. Extensive DCC Help System
  16. Select Default Add Position
  17. Multiple Add Pack Options
  18. Move Exsisting Packs to New List Position
  19. Reset Server Totals