BogusTrivia Trivia Files

Using Trivia Files

BogusTrivia can accept almost any question or file format. Writing you own trivia files, while time consuming couldn't be easier. Any plain text editor can be used and the format itself is straight forward. There are a few simple rules to follow when writing your own trivia files as I have outlined below.

Knowing the character limit of your network is important. A question length, including answer is subject to the character limit of the network. If you choose to use the Anti-Theft feature in BogusTrivia, know that it adds characters making the line longer. Punctuation is not necessary. BogusTrivia fills it in for you. Questions cannot have a carriage return. All questions MUST be written on a single line in your text editor with word wrap off. A carriage returns will break the question. Questions are written using plain text in your favorite text editor. A single file may be used, there is no line limit for a question file.

BogusTrivia Database

BogusTrivia creates its own Database from added trivia files. Once files have been added via the .add command the orginal trivia files in the scripts folder Will be Deleted. Always keep a back up of your trivia files. The database created by BogusTrivia consists of several files uniquely named by the script. Each contains a set amount of lines. While it is possible to directly edit the database, there are rules which must be followed.

Editing the BogusTrivia Database

Before editing the BogusTrivia Database it is recommended you back it up. Download the ques folder located in the t2 folder from your shell. Do NOT edit this database as you may need to restore it in the event of a mistake. Working with a copy is recommended. Each database file contains 1000 lines. One question per line. You may edit any line, however Do NOT remove any line completely. This will break the database. Do NOT rename any edited database file. When you've completed your editing simply upload the files to the t2 ques folder and restart your bot.

Backup the BogusTrivia Database

The BogusTrivia Database has not changed in any version. It is easily backed up and restored on any new install or upgrade. Depending on the amount of questions you have in your game it is recommended you backup your database to a source other then your shell. The database is contained in the ques folder located in the t2 folder created by BogusTrivia. You can backup just the Database folder, however a regular backup of the entire t2 folder is recommended.

Restore the BogusTrivia Database

A restoration of the BogusTrivia Database is an easy task. Wether a single file or the entire database, simply upload directly to the ques folder located in the t2 folder. Always check the file permissions after upload to your shell to ensure the correct attributes are assigned to the database files. The file permission for database question files is 644 or rw-r-r-r.

Writing You Own Trivia Files

The default separator for BogusTrivia is an *(asterisk). Any separator may be used when writing your questions files, however, the .add command looks for the default file format Q*A. I advise writing your question files using the default separator to make adding your question files easier. BogusTrivia adds Punctuation for you, however you will need to capitalize as needed. Below are examples of all the trivia questions formats BogusTrivia can use.

Question Format Examples
Default Question
What is BogusTrivia*BogusTrivia is the Ultimate Trivia Script
Question With Alternate Answers
How many channels can BogusTrivia run in at once*one*1
Question with Category
BogusTrivia: When did BogusTrivia debut*2006
Kaos Question With Multiple Answers
BogusTrivia Features Include*unlimited questions*timed hints*accurate scores*channel messages

BogusTrivia is packaged with a starter Question file. Additional questions files are available for download from this page. They are in the default BogusTrivia format and can be added with the .add command. New trivia files will be offered occasionally so check back often. Submission of trivia files is welcomed in all languages and will be featured here with proper credit to the writer.