XDCC Server Pro Smart Help System

Smart Help System

The XDCC Server Pro Help System may be accessed any time through DCC Chat. All commands require that the user have the +m (master flag). Help is available for every setting. Each setting has a full explanation with examples on the proper syntax and use. The system provides Smart help. If you mis-type a command the script cannot process as you typed it, the help system will return the proper example needed to use the command successfully.

Using the Help System

To view the help menu or locate help on a specfic command use the examples below.

Will Show the Built in help Intro

Typing just the command name will return help for that specific command with examples.

.apack will return all available options for the .apack command.
Returns for Invalid Input.

You try to add a pack with an invalid filename.
.apack wrong-filename.zip
The XDCC Server Pro help system will respond with a solution to your incorrect command.

XDCC Server Help : file to add doesn't exist or wrong use of command.
file name given was: wrong-filename.zip
defpath for this command is currently set to: ./filesys/
.apack usage : .apack filename,description
or : .apack ./route/filename,description
Put one comma between the filename and the description
NO other comma's allowed in the file name or path !!
Example :
.apack file name.txt,description of the file
.apack filename.ext

You've tried to delete a pack with an invalid filename.
.dpack wrong-filename.zip

XDCC Server Help : delete pack command .dpack value(s)
.dpack given was: wrong-filename.zip (not valid input!)
.dpack usage : .dpack packnumber or .dpack packnumber+
Example :
.dpack 2 (this will delete pack #2)
Example :
.dpack 3+ (delete all packs numbered 3 or higher)
Example :
.dpack 1 7 9+ 4 (delete packs 1 4 7 & 9+)
Serving 9 packs. use: .dpack -all :to delete all packs!