Using BogusTrivia With Eggdrop

Using BogusTrivia With Eggdrop

BogusTrivia is a tcl trivia script that runs on the Eggdrop platform. While my site will bring you extensive information on many topics, such as Eggdrop, Windrop, Undernet and mIRC, the main purpose is to help you to use my scripts.

While I can't possibly cover all the information on Eggdrop, I will try to cover everything you may need to get started using Eggdrop. You will find information on selecting Shell Hosting, Setup and Installation of Eggdrop, Basic Unix Commands, Using TCL Scripts, Basic Botnet setup, and of course using BogusTrivia or another of my scripts.
Below are explanations to several common questions a user new to Eggdrop may ask.

What is Eggdrop

Eggdrop is the most popular IRC Bot, written in the C Programming language in 1993 for Efnet, it uses TCL scripts that allow users to enhance the functionality of the bot. Eggdrop must be hosted on a Unix based Operating System such as Linux, or FreeBSD. While most Shell Providers now offer help or preinstalled Eggdrops, a basic knowledge of common Unix commands is needed.

Eggdrop has many uses, such as running as a trivia bot, providing automated help, or silly scripts like storing user quotes, channel greetings, or obnoxious insults. The true power of the Eggdrop is in its ability to protect an IRC Channel. IRC Channel owners use Eggdrop Bots to create a botnet. Eggdrop has the ability to link several bots together allowing them to share user files and perform channel functions. TCL scripts are used to enhance the ability to control floods, spamming and more.

Can Eggdrop Run on My Computer

Eggdrop can only be run on a Unix Platform, such as Linux, and Freebsd. If you can't or won't obtain Eggdrop Hosting, a Windows version of eggdrop is available. It is known as Windrop and is covered within this site as well. Keep in mind a Windrop is not as reliable as Eggdrop as it is subject to your machines uptime.

What is a Unix Shell

Many Web Hosting Companies offer Unix Shell Hosting. A shell account is a personal account that you purchase for a small monthly fee to run your eggdrop bots. Shell programs are known as processes. Most Shell Providers offer packages including 3 or more processes for a small fee. Shell accounts use Unix based operating systems and often offer web space and an e-mail address. You will find links to the Shell Hosting Services I use. They are reliable as well as reasonably priced.
Please Note, while there are free hosting companies available most will not host eggdrop processes.

What is a Botnet

A botnet utilizes several eggdrop bots to help effectively run and protect your IRC Channel. Eggdrop has the ability to talk with multiple instances of itself to provide a Channel Owner ease of running and maintaining their channels. A botnet consists of a Hub or the boss bot if you will. The rest of the botnet are known as Leafs. All channel settings and commands such as User Flags, Channel settings and more are done through the Hub bot.

Why Use Eggdrop

The Eggdrop Bot runs 24/7. It can be used alone to provide trivia or other games to your channels users. It can preform Channel duties such as op and voice, channel modes, flood protection and more. While your mIRC client can preform all of these duties as well, mIRC is subject to the Users machine uptime. Most shell providers have a 98% uptime assuring your channel will have the protection and or games available whether your there or not.