Troubleshooting Common Issues


This section will feature common troubleshooting topics. It will remain under construction as new content will be added as needed. Below are the troubleshooting tops available at this time. If there is a topic you feel needs to be included here drop me an email.

Featured Troubleshooting Topics

Can't DCC send? This tutorial will walk you through the options necessary to successfully use DCC in mIRC.

Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall automatically blocks DCC connections. IRC uses ports that are blocked by default. It is not recommended you disable the Windows Firewall. These tutorials will include the Windows XP and Vista firewall both with important setup information to successfully use DCC. Please note if your using a 3rd party software firewall or security suite such as Norton's or Zone Alarm you will need to configure those as well.

Router Setup

While there are many brands of Routers available the basic setup is universal. This tutorial will walk you through the general setup as well as the advanced setup of allowing successful DCC connections through your Router.