Troubleshooting mIRC DCC

Configure mIRC for DCC

Most DCC Send problems are caused by improper configuration. mIRC has the ability to use direct client connections also known as DCC. However with today's security conscious users setup is important. Setting your mIRC client using the instructions below will allow you to successfully use DCC through mIRC. If you also use a firewall, security suite or are behind a NAT firewall (router) see the additional tutorials on this site for further setup information.

Configure Connect Options

1. Select Options
Select Advanced.
Select DCC by checking the box. Choose a consecutive port range between 1024-5000. Select Randomize Ports.
25 ports is recommended.

2. Select Local Info.
Select Local Host
IP Address
Select Lookup Method Normal.

3. Select Identd.
Enable Ident server.
User ID your nick.
Port 113.
Select Show Identd requests.
Select enable only when connecting.

Configure DCC Options

1. Select DCC.
Choose the options you prefer for DCC Get and Chat.

2.Select Options.
Set your time-out options. 120 is recommended.

3. Select Ignore.
Choose how you want ignore to work. Add or remove file types you wish to accept or ignore.

4. Select Fserve.
Change the default setting to 0 to achive the maximum speed for file sends.

Configure Other Options

1. Select Lock.
Uncheck Disable Send, Get, Chat and Query.

Complete Setup

When you have completed the above option settings restart your mIRC client.

Additional Setup

If after setting the options above and restarting your mIRC client, you are still unable to use DCC chat or Send disconnect from the server and try changing the Lookup method to Server. If your behind a NAT firewall (router) and use a firewall see the additional tutorials to continue the setup.
Note: You will need the port range you selected in this setup for your router.

Complete Setup

While this opens the necessary ports to send through your mIRC client it is recommended that you follow each tutorial beginning with mIRC through the Windows firewall to ensure all work together.

If you require further help with any tutorial on this site feel free to join my chat channel Pc-Mirc-Help On Undernet