BogusTrivia Theme Submission

Color Theme Submission

User input is always welcome in any programmers designs. This form has been designed to allow you to make color theme suggestions simply by choosing the colors as you would in the custom color setup in Bogustriva and submitting it. The first number will represent text. The second number represents background. The values are separated by a common.
Example: 01,00 will be a black background with white text.

Colors for the Question Text
( should have a background color )
set tscl(qt)

Colors for all Timed Hints
set tscl(hint)

set tscl(hint2)

This line: Question Value : 8200 Points :
and: 30 secs & 2650 Points Remaining
set tscl(pnt1)

set tscl(pnt2)

This line: BONUS Question Value : 18000 Points :
set tscl(bonus)

set tscl(bon2)

This line: Times up! The answer was -> The Who <-
and: YES, SpiKe^^ got the answer -> styx <- in 13.855 seconds
and: SpiKe^^ has won 4 in a row! Total Points TODAY: 185925
set tscl(tu1)

set tscl(tu1)

Colors for User Requested Hints ( public ~ reply )
set tscl(hnt1)

set tscl(hnt2)

Colors for the Random Ads
set tscl(randad)

Custom KAOS Colors
Kaos uses same colors as normal questions ??
(1=yes | 0=use custom kaos colors below)
set tscl(ksame)

Colors for all Kaos Hints
set tscl(khnt)

set tscl(khnt2)

set tscl(kpnt1)

set tscl(kpnt2)

set tscl(ktu)

set tscl(ktu2)

set tscl(kng)

set tscl(kstat)

set tscl(ksta2)

set tscl(kbon)

set tscl(kbon2)

Custom Stats Colors
Colors for all Daily Stats
set tscl(d10)

set tscl(d11)

set tscl(d12)

All stats use the Daily Stats colors from above ??
(1=yes | 0=use individual stats setup below)
set tscl(same)

Colors for all Weekly Stats
set tscl(w10)

set tscl(w11)

set tscl(w12)

Colors for all Monthly Stats
set tscl(m10)

set tscl(m11)

set tscl(m12)

Colors for all Lifetime Stats
set tscl(e10)

set tscl(e11)

set tscl(e12)