XDCC Server Pro Installation

Install XDCC Server Pro

It is assumed you have a working Eggdrop or Windrop installed and running. Below are additional Eggdrop-Windrop config settings that MUST be enabled to use XDCC Server Pro.

REQUIRED Eggdrop-Windrop configuration settings:
  1. Transfer module MUST be loaded and xfer-timeout 30 or less (seconds)
  2. CTCP module MUST be Loaded and set to 0 or 2
Firewall or Router

If the bot is behind a Router or Firewall on your Windows machine you will need to open DCC send ports. This setting is found in the eggdrop.conf. Eggdrop users will not need this setting unless directed by their Shell Provider.
It is recommended you use 25 consecutive ports in the range of 1024-5000.

#set reserved-portrange 2010:2020
remove the # (comment) to turn on the setting. change the port range to the numbers you will open in your router and or firewall.
set reserved-portrange 4500:4550

Open and edit the xdcc_pro.tcl with your favorite text editor.
Complete your server options, save and copy to the scripts folder of your Eggdrop or Windrop.
Open your Eggdrop config and add the line to load the script, source scripts/xdcc_pro.tcl.

XDCC Server Pro uses the filesys folder in your eggdrop installation by default. Files should be uploaded to this directory. You may use any directory you wish as long as you provide a fully qualified path to it in the xdcc_pro.tcl.

Rehash your bot.

All Server settings are done using DCC Chat and are fully explained in the script documentation or by accessing xhelp. Below you will find basic pack setup instructions and each command for quick reference. Detailed information and examples can be found on the DCC Commands FAQ page.

Add Channel

XDCC Server Pro is a multi-channel single list Server Script.

Set your Channel(s) using the .achan command.

.achan #yourchannel
you will receive a message similar to the one below.
yourbotnick added channel #yourchannel

Multiple channels can be added at once using the example below.
.achan channel-1 channel-2 channel-3

Add Packs

There is no limit to the number of packs you may add or their file size. Please note however that XDCC Server Pro adds packs from last to first. If you require a specific pack order add accordingly. Packs can be added with or without descriptions.

Add Examples

.apack filename.ext
This command will add the file using the filename as the description with the file located in the default filesys directory.

.apack filename.ext,audiobook
This command will add the file with the unique description audiobook without an extension and the filename located in the default filesys directory.
all files added with custom descriptions must be separated with a comma.

.apack ./filesys/incoming/filename.ext
This command uses a direct path should you decide to use your own folder/file system.

Start Server

XDCC Server Pro can be set to start the Server automatically in the options section of the xdcc_pro.tcl, or manually, by dcc chatting the bot and typing .xstart