XDCC Server Pro XSET Commands

XSET Commands

XSET commands allow you to change 9 default Server settings dynamically through DCC Chat. These settings are applied immediately, no rehash is necessary. The dynamic settings will remain in place until the next restart or you use .xset -rem. Enables the owner to manipulate things like slots, ques, and colors for the current session. Upon restart the dynamic settings will be reset to the current hard set tcl settings.

.xset allows New Dynamic Value changes via DCC Chat. Just DCC Chat your bot and type .xset -list for the complete xset setting list.
1. Command can take multiple or mixed input.
2. Currently allows changing of nine different tcl settings.
3. Settings changes are applied without a rehash.
4. Dynamic settings ramain active until removed with .xset or the bot is restarted.

1 .xset Lists all active dynamic settings
2 .xset maxdcc 3 Changes maxdcc value to 3
3 .xset maxque - Removes dynamic setting for maxque
4 .xset -usrmaxq Remove dynamic setting for usrmaxq
5 .xset maxdcc 4 maxque color 3 (set 2 & remove 1)
6 .xset -rem Removes all active dynamic settings
7 .xset -list Lists all possible dynamic settings
8 .xset -help Shows help for the .xset command
9 .xset -help Color shows help for the color settings