The Undernet IRC Network

Undernet is the IRC Network I use. I've provided basic information and links for your convenience. You may join my chat channel at any time. We offer help, not only with my scripts, but many topics such as Eggdrop, Windrop, mIRC, Windows and more. If you have questions don't hesitate to join us and ask.

Undernet was established in October 1992 by Danny WildThang Mitchell, Donald WHIZZARD Lambert, and Laurent _dl Demally as an experimental network. It was formed at a time when many small IRC networks were being started. Many of these smaller networks were unable to sustain their online presence. It is notable as being the first network to use time stamping to curb abuse. In 1994, Undernet was able to survive an ongoing series of flame wars and remains one of the largest and most popular Networks you'll find today.

As of 2007, Undernet is the second largest publicly monitored IRC network, with approximately 19 servers connecting over 35 countries and serving more than 1,000,000 people weekly and is staffed and run entirely by volunteers.

Undernet Channel Service

The Undernet Channel Service is run by the Channel Service Committee. A group of volunteers, CSC gives users the opportunity to to manage a channel by registering it with Undernet and being provided with the X bot. The purpose of this service is to help users maintain and protect their established channels. An application is required with a minimum of 10 registered users to be considered. Registration excludes any channels which include child pornography, the trading of warez or any copy written material including mp3's and dvd's or the illegal trading of credit cards, passwords, ect.. Channel Services regularly monitors all registered channels for activity. If a registered channel is not active or in violation of the stated guidelines, X will be removed from the channel.

Undernet does not offer nick registration, however, The Undernet Channel Service allows users to register a username. From the main Cservice web page choose Web Interface and register.

Undernet Rules

Every IRC Network has rules and Undernet is no exception. The rules listed below are strictly enforced to give the user the best possible online experience. This is not to say Undernet is perfect, better or worse then any other Network. It has it's fair share of netsplits, spammers, and users to beware of. It does however offer great help channels, excellent Operators, Services, Classes, and more.

  1. Faked or altered user@host information is prohibited.
  2. If connecting through a shell or bnc provider, limit connections to 1 per user. Each user can have a maximum of 1 account, ident, or login on that shell or bnc provider. This will be strictly enforced at 3 connections. No exceptions will be considered.
  3. Limit connections to 3 per User or IP for your Primary Access providers. This will be strictly enforced at 5 connections. Exceptions may be considered for primary internet access such as netcafes, college dorms and a few others and can be requested by contacting abuse@undernet.org.
  4. Denial of Service Attacks or Abuse of Undernet resources will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to flooding, cloning, mass-messaging, and mass-inviting.
  5. Unsolicited advertising to Undernet users will not be tolerated.
  6. The User also agrees to comply with any additional guidelines on the MOTD (message of the day) of the server to which you are connected.
  7. Each server's administrative team retains the right to deny access to or use of its server's resources to any user(s), group, site, or domain, without the benefit of prior warning or notification if they so choose.
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