BogusTrivia Image Gallery

BogusTrivia Image Gallery

BogusTrivia is the Ultimate TCL Trivia script. The image below will give you a general idea of game presentation. This gallery is rendered in the BogusTrivia default color theme. The game includes 8 additional color themes as well as the ability to create your own custom colors.

This gallery uses shockwave flash. Arrow Keyboard navigation is included for your convenience.

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BogusTrivia version is the Ultimate Trivia Script. Released 0n 09-08-12. Originally designed to mimic the popular mirc trivia used in most IRC channels, it includes advanced user stats, tracking by nick, handle or username@host, error correction, flood control, preset color themes, custom color options, the ability to accept nearly all trivia files in any question/answer format with support for scrambles, uword, kaos and much more. Most settings done via /msg botnick.

BogusHTML version 2.06.2.beta3 is the Ultimate HTML Generator. Released 0n 02-10-08. An add-on script for BogusTrivia 2.06.3+ that generates HTML player statistic web pages. This BETA release creates Active, History and Extended User Stats, includes New HTML Templates & CSS files of each existing theme. No knowledge of HTML is necessary. The script requires available web site support from your shell provider. Please read all included documentation for complete information.